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Security policy

This section concerns the consent to the processing of personal data.

The Customer, being the subject of personal data (hereinafter - "Subject"), completing any forms on this site, grants to the company GT Ukraine, which owns the personal data (hereinafter - "the Owner"), the consent to the processing of their personal data (hereinafter - "Data"), which are voluntarily provided to them.

The purpose of processing your personal data is:

  • Realization of relations concerning repair, warranty and post-warranty service of goods GT Ukraine;
  • Sending letters and informational messages to the Subject;
  • Providing answers to Subjects' requests, including by e-mail;
  • Providing compensation in case of impossibility of replacement or repair of the purchased goods.

The Subject provides the Owner with the following information:

  • Name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, full address of residence, e-mail, contact telephone or any other information provided for data processing.

After reading this section, the Subject is notified and provides the Owner with the following:

  • Data collection in the required amount, according to the above list;
  • Processing, which includes the receipt, registration, accumulation, systematization, preservation, adaptation, refinement, use, depersonalization, destruction, blocking, as well as any other actions or their aggregate for processing.

According to the Law of Ukraine "The Protection of Personal Data", the Subject is entitled to:

  1. information about the location of the database in which his personal data is stored, its name, destination, location and / or place of residence (stay) of the owner or manager of personal data, or the provision of an appropriate order for the receipt of this information to authorized persons, except in cases , provided by law;
  2. access to their personal data;
  3. receiving an answer as to whether his personal data in the relevant database are stored, as well as their content, not later than thirty calendar days from the moment the relevant request is received, except in cases stipulated by law;
  4. presentation of a motivated refusal of the owner of personal data on their processing;
  5. presentation of a motivated refusal of the owner of personal data about their change or destruction, if they are processed illegally or do not correspond to reality;
  6. the protection of their personal data from the consequences of unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction related to intentional concealment, failure to provide or untimely provision, as well as protection against the provision of inaccurate information or offending the honor, dignity or business reputation of an individual;
  7. processing a complaint about the processing of his personal data to the bodies of state administration, or to officials authorized to provide protection of personal data, or to a court;
  8. the application of remedies in the event of violation of the legislation on the protection of personal data;
  9. making reservations regarding the use of personal data when granting consent for their processing;
  10. revocation of the prohibition on the use of their personal data;
  11. knowledge of the mechanisms of automatic processing of personal data;
  12. protection from an automatic solution that has legal implications for it.

The consent of the Subject is valid for an indefinite period. Personal data must be processed in a timely manner that does not exceed the required, according to their legal purpose and purpose of processing.

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