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Office chairs

Our life has long been firmly associated with the use of technology - hard physical work is as easy as possible and become robotic. Man no longer has to work a lot and exhaustingly, exerting too much effort. We began to move less, our whole life run in comfortable office spaces around the computer. It would seem that man is now left to relax and rejoice. However, we now have other worries - the sedentary lifestyle is reflected in our general state of health - problems with the spine, neck, back and knee joints, distortion of posture - have become ordinary companions of office workers.

Office chair GT Racer

In order to avoid possible deterioration in health, special furniture was developed that allows you to spend many hours in front of a computer without worrying about the fact that this will affect our overall well-being. In order for your employees to hurry to work with pleasure and be as productive as possible, you need to take care of their comfort in the office. This is easy to achieve if you buy comfortable office chairs for them. At the same time it is not necessary to spend much, because for today there is a huge selection of various modifications of inexpensive, however, comfortable furniture.

Office chair GT Racer

We offer to consider together with what the technical characteristics should correspond to the ideal office chair:

  • Anatomy expressed in the back in the form of a letter S, which repeats the natural bend of the human spine. Thanks to this design, the load on the back will be evenly distributed throughout the day. Even after you spend for 8 to 9 hours at a computer, fatigue will not be felt so sharply;
  • Durability of design and mechanisms, which guarantees long service life. It is worth bearing in mind that, in the same chair, employees of different weight classes could be found, feeling themselves equally comfortable;
  • Ergonomics, expressed in maximum comfort with a minimum of custom settings. It is not necessary to give preference to the most expensive models. Budget chairs, having only a few switches, in many cases are much more convenient;
  • The quality of used materials - the mechanisms of the seats (lifting-turning, folding) must be made of steel or cast aluminum. Only in this case the furniture will serve for a long time without breaking. Plastic cannot boast of high quality and durability. Planking materials in the production of office furniture can be the most diverse - from genuine leather and its substitutes to fabrics - natural and synthetic. Modern technologies make it possible to make quite high-quality inexpensive coating. The main thing when choosing a sheath - compliance with such requirements as: free circulation of air, preservation of shape and color, resistance to wear, lack of bad odor;
  • Functionality and settings for a particular user - for this it is quite enough to have only a few mechanisms for adjusting the back position. Armrests are required if the size of the computer table is not enough to allow the worker to put an elbow on it. If they hang, there may be problems with the cervical spine. Chair adjustable armrests are not mandatory, fixed ones will be quite enough;
  • A removable lumbar cushion and head pillow usually help to customize the chair for a particular user. As practice shows, it is convenient for them to use only those people whose height is higher than 175 cm. The rest users are enough for the orthopedic back. Note that for a low person, the head pillow and lumbar cushion will not help, but, on the contrary, will interfere with work, causing inconvenience;
  • The swinging mechanism as an additional option should be chosen, if the office work is very tense and involves great emotional stresses. Uniform swinging will help relieve stress, relax, and calm down;
  • Comfort for employees - even a simple functional chair will help create comfortable conditions for staying in it. The seat should be selected for medium rigidity, because it is too soft as well as too hard, harmful for long stay in them. The width should be sufficient to allow the employee, if necessary, to change the posture or turn around without experiencing discomfort. The edge of the seat should be rounded - this will prevent the vessels from being squeezed, leading to edema and joint pain;
  • Stylish exterior that matches the interior - whatever model you choose, it should be combined and harmonized with the design of the office space.
Office chair GT Racer

Summing up the aforementioned, it's not necessary to buy an expensive and incredibly functional office chair. Models in middle and budget price categories can be equally comfortable for your employees. The difference in price often depends on the name of the manufacturer and the ability to perform subtle adjustments for human anatomical features. Since direct users of this type of chair will be in a predominantly one pose, rarely changing it, it makes no sense to overpay the tremendous amount of money for an incredible amount of available options, since they will, at best, only be used once.

Office chairs

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