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Study desk GT Racer DS-1603 Pink

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GT DS-1603 children's desks are environmentally friendly and safe furniture. The products provide various mechanisms, for example, to change the height of the tabletop, as well as the transformation of the table into an easel. Additionally, a drawer, a book stand, as well as a superstructure with shelves.

Desks are made of MDF with a covering which not only are strong, but also do a working surface absolutely smooth.

The models are presented in four colors: blue, pink, light blue and light pink. The products have a nice and stylish design, so they will look harmonious in the room of both boys and girls. Desks complement the interior of the room and do not stand out from it.


The DS-1603 desk is a functional item of children's furniture that has several adjustment options. The product is equipped with a convenient drawer-organizer, in which the child can place everything you need: markers, pencils and other stationery. The box extends smoothly and has no sharp corners, so it is safe and reliable in operation. Above the tabletop is a superstructure with shelves. You can place books, a globe, a clock, a table lamp and so on. It is made of MDF with a protective coating.

The work surface is adjustable in height with a convenient lever on the side of the desk. Thanks to this, the tabletop can be adjusted according to the needs and height of the child. The mechanism is reliable and easy to use, as well as durable, so it works well even with constant adjustment of the height of the tabletop.

The desktop can be tilted, thus turning the desk surface into an easel. The maximum angle of inclination is up to 45° and the adjustment is performed by a gas lift. For added convenience, the DS-1603 has a bookshelf that is superimposed and located above the work surface of the desk.


The working surface of the DS-1603 model is made of MDF. These medium-strength boards have excellent reliability and durability, so they can easily withstand active daily use.

The metal legs of the product are strong, resistant to wear, and equipped with wheels. With their help, the desk can be easily moved around the room, if necessary. In the working position, the footrests rest on the floor, so the product does not slide on the floor and does not scratch it.

In the manufacture of DS-1603 used materials resistant to temperature, humidity and various mechanical influences. Desks are easy to care for, and most dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth without the use of cleaners.

Main characteristics
Series DS-1603
Type Study desk
Surface material MDF
Legs material Metal
Easel There is
Working surface tilt angle 0° - 45°
Bulkhead There is
Boxes 1
Bookrest There is
Wheels There is
Tabletop height adjustment There is
Weight 41,35 kg
Color Pink
Desk dimensions
Desk height 88-118 cm
Superstructure height 42 cm
Worktop height 46-76 cm
Worktop width 98 cm
Worktop depth 68 cm
Additional features Tabletop thickness: 25 mm
Complete set
Barcode 4820241171095
Guarantee 12 months
Packing Dimensions 2 boxes: 105x68x20,7cm; 64x57x12,5cm.
Weight of packing 44 kg

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Study desk GT Racer DS-1603 Pink

Study desk GT Racer DS-1603 Pink

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