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Bar chairs

Few people can boast of a large living space - the cost per square meter is quite high. So today the so-called “smart apartments” have become especially popular, in which the layout was originally thought out quite well. The only disadvantage is that the kitchen has a very little space. Many come out of this situation, combining the living room and kitchen in one room, creating a so-called “studio”, which visually increases a small space.

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It is not possible to install high-grade kitchen sets in such apartments, since neither a table, nor standard chairs with a back will simply fit there. There is a way out of such a situation - to put instead a bar counter and specialized high chairs to it. Such a long table will not only help save place, but also visually expand the space around it. If there are not so many racks, it is relatively easy to choose them, based on the color gamut and material, then what about the chairs. Let's try together to deal with the criteria that they must meet.

Bar chairs GT Racer

If you think that the bar counter can be installed only in a restaurant or bar, then you are mistaken - it has been chosen successfully, will be a worthy addition to the interior, the functionality is not much worse than that of a regular table. Modern furniture market is replete with a wide range of bar chairs of various types and colors. However, they all have several common characteristics that are easy to understand, because there are not as many parameters as, say, in gaming chairs.

Bar chairs GT Racer

The main criteria for choosing a bar chair for a house or apartment:

  • Height - must be commensurate with the rack, on the seat of which any member of the family should be comfortable. At the same time, keep in mind that bar furniture suggests that there is enough space to jump off easily;
  • The back and armrests are additional items if you spend a little time in the chair. When bar furniture carries the load on the kitchen, the back should ideally end at the waist, providing reliable support and not interfering with it;
  • A footboard for a chair is mandatory, since its height implies that the legs do not touch the floor in a sitting position. If this piece of furniture will perform a direct function, rather than a decorative one, then you clearly cannot do without a footboard. Pay attention to its mounting, which ideally should be welded or have bolted fixation at several points;
  • Stand can be solid and telescopic. The latter is very convenient, because it makes the chair universal for any family member or guest, adapting to its growth;
  • 4-legged models are considered the most stable; they should be chosen if you have small children. However, the height adjustment in them can be forgotten, the manufacturer does simply not provide it. A bar chair on one leg is bound to have a reasonably broad base so that you are not afraid to make an extra movement, risking falling off;
  • The frame, base and stand (legs) should choose from metal or wood - they are able to withstand heavy loads, have a very stylish and sophisticated look. It is worth refusing plastic models at once as their operational characteristics leave much to be desired;
  • The seat and back cover material is usually leather, its substitutes, various types of fabrics, both natural and synthetic. If the bar chair is in the immediate vicinity of the stove, oven or hob, choose a coating of eco-leather, or synthetic materials made based on nylon. This coat has high resistance to temperature extremes, is not afraid of pollution, easy to clean, very wear-resistant. Purchased for decorative purposes, or, rarely used, bar chairs can be covered with natural materials.
Bar chairs GT Racer

Do not forget about the appearance of this furniture - it should be in harmony with the overall design of the room and emphasize it. Also, look good model, lining which echoes the color of curtains, or the appearance of the rest of the furniture. If you have a neutral room design, then with the help of a bar rack and chairs just place bright accents, emphasize the overall concept, dilute the overall picture. However, everything should have a measure - do not overdo it, because the wrong furniture can easily spoil even the most magnificent idea of the interior designer, negating all his efforts.

Bar chairs

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